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BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the official text and voice messaging program for BlackBerry 10. With BBM you can stay connected to all your contacts who own a BlackBerry 10 and chat with them, share photos, videos and much more.

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  • Customizable: Photo, status and the song you are listening to
  • It lets you share photos, videos and location
  • Complete management of groups and contacts
  • The introduction to BBM Channels
  • Includes emoticons
  • Modern and usable design
  • Free video calls with BBM Video


  • Nothing to highlight


BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the official text and voice messaging program for BlackBerry 10. With BBM you can stay connected to all your contacts who own a BlackBerry 10 and chat with them, share photos, videos and much more.

Text chat, video calls and a "social network" called BBM Channels

BBM not only lets you send messages but also add images, videos, voice notes or even your location on a map. It is a good alternative to text messages, serves as a good tool for talking and saving a few cents instead of using SMS. In this respect, if you do not have time for writing, or you like to be original, one of BBM's latest updates includes the possibility of inserting stickers into the chat groups.

Also, BBM offers BBM Video, a free VoIP video call service for users of this app. It works like clockwork, although that always depends on the connection quality of both parties. And, apart from speaking, with BBM Video you can also share your phone screen.

And if that was not enough, BBM incorporates a functionality called BBM Channels, available with BlackBerry 10. BBM Channels works similarly to Twitter: users can subscribe to information channels that interest them. There are official channels for celebrities, brands, sports teams or mass media, as well as theme channels (cinema, music, videogames...) In these channels users can upload status updates and images.

As a BBM Channels users you can subscribe to the channels you want , and interact with the content published in them. You can "like" them, make comments and even invite your contacts to join in. And if you cannot find a channel that is suitable to your tastes you can always create your own. We are certainly looking at a function that adds many more possibilities to BBM, beyond just chatting and calling.

Another function of BBM is its timer, which lets you share files or images for a limited time. For instance, the latest update adds a new 60-second timer (there are more options available). What is this timer for? Send an image with the 60-second timer activated and it will be gone after a minute. In the past, these temporary files could only be viewed once, but now they can be opened as many times as you want... until time runs out.

Conceived for chatting and sharing

With a modern and customizable look that uses your own photo, BBM lets you organize your contacts, create groups, use shortcuts for your most frequent contacts or add new contacts. To do the latter, you can invite them using their personal PIN, or else doing a search for their name or e-mail.

But the time-saving shortcuts do not end here: BBM also lets you share various photographs, images, files and even contacts with different users at the same time, instead of doing so one by one. And, if you are very curious, BBM lets you see when one of your friends finally sees the images you shared.

Another outstanding distinctive feature of BBM is the option of adding status messages, showing your QR code or the music currently playing on your phone. BBM is integrated with BlackBerry Hub and features a design that is more in tune with the current times, as well as a practical tab view that offers quick access to chats, contacts, groups and updates.

Generally speaking, BlackBerry works really well and is stable, and it is also expanding with new and constant updates. With its latest updates BBM has received a notification system, more emoticons or the aforementioned stickers.

Perfect for BlackBerry users

BlackBerry Messenger is the perfect chatting app if you have a BlackBerry. The integration with the rest of BlackBerry apps, as well as external apps, is perfect. You can tell that BlackBerry makes very sure that it stays like this. Free video calls, sending files up to 6 MB, stickers, timer, shortcuts, emoticons, BBM Channels... BBM is quite complete. And now that you can chat with Android and iPhone users, even more so.

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BBM for BlackBerry 10

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